We want to welcome you to our family blog. We are posting this as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and we hope that you enjoy reading about the events that happen in our family. Kasey is currently preaching part-time at Holland's Gin Church of Christ ( and works full-time as the store manager for McClary Tire Co. I am a full-time wife and mother. God has blessed us with two beautiful boys: Chase, age 12 and Hunter, age 5.

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Kasey and I are so blessed to be a part of the church family at Holland's Gin Church of Christ. Kasey preaches there part-time with Carl Witty serving as their full-time preacher. We would really love for you to visit us and bring your children to our Bible Classes, too. To find out more about the Church that meets at Holland's Gin and their Bible Classes visit the following website: Come study with us!

Family Portraits 2010

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Journal Entries

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ABS Boy Scout Troop 21 Bridging Ceremony

On Monday, 5/24/2008, Chase "graduated" from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. This was a happy and sad time for me. Chase has been a member of ABS Cub Scout Pack 25 for five years. It is hard to write this post without shedding a tear or two. I am very proud of what Chase and all of the other boys in his den have accomplished.

In first grade, he started out as a Tiger Cub:

That year, he and Kasey won second place in the Fishing Rodeo at Joe Wheeler:

They also placed 2nd at the ABS Pinewood Derby and 4th Place at the District Pinewood Derby. Their car also won "Best Design" at the ABS Pinewood Derby.

In second grade, he was a Wolf and earned his Bobcat Badge:

In third grade he was a Bear Cub.

As a Bear Cub he got to spend the night on the USS Alabama Battleship in Mobile, AL and ride in a helicopter at the Battleship Park:

He and Kasey also won the Father/Son Cake Decorating Contest that year at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.

In fourth grade he became a Webelos I Cub Scout. As a Webelos I Scout, he earned the Super Achiever Award for completing the requirements for all 20 Webelos Activity Badges. He earned a Compass Emblem and 3 emblem points. In addition, he earned the religious emblem called the Loving Servant.

Our family earned the BSA Family Award that year:

Kasey and Chase built a pinewood derby car that broke the ABS Track Speed record, won the ABS pinewood derby, and placed 2nd in the District Pinewood Derby:

As a fifth grader, Chase became a Webelos II Cub Scout:

He earned the 50 miler award for hiking 50 miles:

He earned the 2010 Year of Celebration Patch and ribbons (BSA celebrates its 100th Anniversary):

He and Kasey won the father/son cake decorating contest at the Blue and Gold Banquet:

He earned the Joyful Servant Award for completing a 3 month Bible Curriculum for the Cub scout religious emblem:

And he earned Cub Scouting's Highest Level of Achievement called the Arrow of Light:

This is a picture of a blanket we gave Chase with all of the patches he earned over the past five years.
In addition to these patches, Chase earned 17 Academic Belt Loops, 17 Sport Belt Loops, 10 Academic Pins, and 5 Sports pins over the years as a Cub Scout.

Last night, that chapter in scouting came to a close as he bridged over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. He is now a proud member of ABS Troop 21.

The Harbin Family is preparing for the Bridging Ceremony:

The Webelos shoulder loops and neckerchief are removed by Kasey and Mr. Roth:

Chase and his family "bridges over" to join ABS Boy Scout Troop 21:

Chase's cousin, Dalton, welcomes Chase to ABS Troop 21 by placing the Boy Scout neckerchief and shoulder loops on his uniform.

New members are inducted into ABS Troop 21:

A few ducks at Big Springs Park wanted to join the ceremony:

Gary Boyd, leader of ABS Troop 21, welcomes the new Boy Scouts to his troop:

ABS Boy Scout Troop 21

Time to eat!

Dalton and Chase

Kasey and Kimberly

Hunter and Kasey

We are proud of you Chase! We are proud of all of the boys in ABS Troop 21!

Many thanks goes out to Kelly for taking pictures for us! Love you, Aunt Kelly!

Chase's Last Day of Fifth Grade 5/24/10

Chase's Fifth Grade class celebrated the end of the school year with an outdoor party on the playground. Of course, Hunter enjoyed the festivities, too. Cousin Maddie was also celebrating the end of her second grade year on the playground. So, Hunter was excited to see her, too. Chase will miss Miss Atherton, aka - Miss A. She left a great impression on him. He said people called her "Miss A" because the "A" stood for "awesome"! Ha! Ha! Enjoy some pictures below of his last day at school:

Chase and Miss Atherton

Fifth Graders present Miss Atherton with a gift of appreciation

Cousin Maddie and Hunter

Hunter loves to swing:

ABS Fifth Graders with Miss Atherton (Chase is at the very top making the silly face, of course.)

Jr. Beta Fundraiser Talent Show (5/22/10)

Members of the ABS Jr. Beta Club will be attending the National Jr. Beta Club Convention in Louisville, KY in June. As State Champions, they will be competing in the National Talent Contest and two members will compete in Social Studies and Woodworking contests. To help with expenses, they sold tickets to an "Old Time Diner" themed dinner at the ABS cafeteria on 5/22/10.
Afterwards, students of ABS performed in a Fundraiser Talent Show. Prior to the show, students had to audition in front of Dr. Olson, the principal, to get his approval before appearing in the talent show.

Chase and two of his friends made it into the show. Eliza Cross and Lacey Beth Black sang "Over the Rainbow" while Chase accompanied them on the piano. Here is a video below of their performance. My video is very fuzzy, but you can hear them. I thought they did a good job. They were very brave to perform in front of a packed auditorium, especially for fifth graders:

Kasey and Hunter are enjoying the show:

All of the students did a great job and the Jr. Beta Talent Members showed us their State Winning performance as a Grand Finale! We wish all of them best of luck at Nationals! I did not get to record their performance at the Fundraiser Talent Show. But, if you would like to view their winning performance in Mobile click on the link below. (If clicking on it does not take you directly to the video, copy and paste the web address into your internet browser.):

2010 ABS Awards Day

May 21, 2010 was Awards Day at ABS. Chase and our nephew, Dalton, both received awards for their hard work throughout their 5th and 6th grade year.

Chase received a certificate for maintaining an overall A grade point average: (Chase is the third person from the right)

Chase also received a Bible Award for memorizing the 65 Generations of Jesus and the 50 Chapter summaries of the Book of Genesis: (Chase is the first person from the right)

Dalton received a certificate for maintaining an overall A grade point average: (Dalton is the second person from the right)

Dalton also received a Bible Award for memorizing the Chapter Summaries and Outline of the Book of Acts: (Dalton is the first person from the right)

Dalton received a Presidential Academic Fitness Award for maintaining an overall A grade point average over the past three years (4th - 6th grade). (Dalton is the first person from the right)

We are so proud of both of them!

Hunter's Pre-school Graduation

Hunter's Graduation from Pre-school was on May 17, 2010. He did such a good job and we are so proud of him. He had a great school year. We were so blessed to have Mrs. Lisa Davis as his teacher and we will miss her very much. All of the teachers did such a great job organizing the graduation ceremony. The children sang songs for us and they showed a sweet slideshow at the end. Of course, there were tears. We are sad to leave Little Tots and we are sad to see Hunter grow up so fast. But, we are so happy over his accomplishments and look forward to many more milestones! Enjoy the following slideshow of graduation night!
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Congratulations to the Lady Tigers and Uncle Mark!

Kelly just called and told us that Mark's girl's softball team from Armore High School won the State Championship this evening in Montgomery. We are so happy for him and the girls! Way to go Uncle Mark and the Lady Tigers! Below is a picture from their win at the regionals. This picture came from their school website:

Kindergarten, Here I Come!

Hunter had his Kindergarten Readiness Interview with Mrs. Nave and Mrs. Adams at Athens Bible School on Wednesday, May 12, 2010. He was so excited about it. The teachers asked him to use scissors to cut out a picture of a bear. They asked him questions about his ABCs and 123s, shapes, colors, address, phone number, and birthday. He can't wait to start school this Fall. I know he is going to have a great time!