We want to welcome you to our family blog. We are posting this as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and we hope that you enjoy reading about the events that happen in our family. Kasey is currently preaching part-time at Holland's Gin Church of Christ ( and works full-time as the store manager for McClary Tire Co. I am a full-time wife and mother. God has blessed us with two beautiful boys: Chase, age 12 and Hunter, age 5.

Come visit our Bible Classes at Holland's Gin Church of Christ!

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Kasey and I are so blessed to be a part of the church family at Holland's Gin Church of Christ. Kasey preaches there part-time with Carl Witty serving as their full-time preacher. We would really love for you to visit us and bring your children to our Bible Classes, too. To find out more about the Church that meets at Holland's Gin and their Bible Classes visit the following website: Come study with us!

Family Portraits 2010

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Journal Entries

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoy catching up with us. Feel free to leave comments on our blog. We would love to hear from you!

Spring Break 2010

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Mark and Kelly let the boys and me tag along on their trip to Gulf Shores for the girls softball tournament. The girls played great even though they did not win the tournament.

Kelly and I made it to a couple of Mark's games while trying to fit in some fun in the sun for our boys. Everywhere we went, Hunter found some pretty girls to flirt with (he called it "flirping"). I told Dalton and Chase they may have to start taking some lessons from Hunter.

It was very cold, but we managed to get them out to the beach for a little fun in the sand. We took the bigger boys to the American Eagle Outlet at the Tanger Mall to get them a few things. We also found a train museum that the little ones loved.

We had a great time. We did not do a whole lot. But, just getting to spend some time with each other was fun for me. We missed Kasey and wished he was with us. But, he said he could not get away from work. Enjoy the slideshow of some of the pictures from the trip.

ABS Wins at Jr Beta Convention (March 11-12, 2010)

Chase and I had a great time at the Alabama Jr. Beta Club Convention in Mobile, AL. This was his first year to go. He made a project to be entered in the arts and crafts competition. But, right after we attached the paperwork to his wood project to register it into the competition, I dropped it and broke it. I felt so bad. But, he did not get mad at me. He can just try to make something for next year.

Me and Chase

Our hotel was great!

On the way to the Convention Center

Mobile Convention Center

The Jr. Beta Members from ABS who particpated in the Talent Competition won first place. Also, Christian Usery won the Woodworking competition and Jonathon Moss won the Social Studies Competition. They will be invited to compete in the national convention that will be held in Louisville, KY. If you would like to see a video of the Jr. Beta Talent, click on the link below or copy and paste this address in your web browser: (When you watch the video, keep in mind that these performers are in grades 5th thru 9th grade. You will be amazed at their talent at such a young age. All music was performed by the students. They did not use any karoke tapes. They did a great job!)

Here are a few pictures from the convention:
Group Pictures of the Performers in the Talent Competition

Group Picture of all the ABS Jr. Beta Members who attented the convention:

Getting Ready for Junior Beta Convention

This is Chase's first year in the Jr. Beta Club at ABS. The Jr. Beta Club Convention will be held in Mobile this week. So, we are excited about going and supporting the club from ABS in competitions being held there. We have been very busy getting ready!

Chase was hoping he would not have to wear his back brace during this trip. But, Dr. Ellis told him today that he has to continue wearing the brace twenty-three hours a day for FOUR MORE WEEKS! UGH! He was not happy about that. He has been wearing it now for eight weeks! But, it is for the best.

Hunter will be spending the night with Kelly one night and with Grandma the next. He is so excited about going to their house. But, we have not told him Chase and I will be going to Mobile. We are just going to withhold that information and just let him have fun knowing he is taking a little vacation of his own.

I still have plenty to do to get ready for the trip so I will go for now. I will post pictures from the trip soon!

Another Snowy Day in Alabama March 2, 2010

This morning we woke up to this:

We watched the news to see if Chase's school would be delayed or closed. Our school was not on the list of closings or delays. So, we drove to school very slowly in this:

This is what it looked like at school. Chase hopes they will have another snowball fight today:

We wish Chase could be home with Hunter and me as we did this:

Lego Workshop at ABS

Chase and Colton Richter partnered up at the Lego Workshop at ABS last week. They made a remote control car out of legos. They had a few technical difficulties, but they got it to work. It did not win any races, but they had a great time working on it.