We want to welcome you to our family blog. We are posting this as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and we hope that you enjoy reading about the events that happen in our family. Kasey is currently preaching part-time at Holland's Gin Church of Christ ( and works full-time as the store manager for McClary Tire Co. I am a full-time wife and mother. God has blessed us with two beautiful boys: Chase, age 12 and Hunter, age 5.

Come visit our Bible Classes at Holland's Gin Church of Christ!

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Kasey and I are so blessed to be a part of the church family at Holland's Gin Church of Christ. Kasey preaches there part-time with Carl Witty serving as their full-time preacher. We would really love for you to visit us and bring your children to our Bible Classes, too. To find out more about the Church that meets at Holland's Gin and their Bible Classes visit the following website: Come study with us!

Family Portraits 2010

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Journal Entries

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoy catching up with us. Feel free to leave comments on our blog. We would love to hear from you!

Fat Cat

I just took this photo of our cat Josie. I wonder if she may need to go on a diet. Chase said she looked like my "before" picture in my weight loss photo journal! Thanks, Chase!

An "Eggselent Eggsperiment" - Jan. 26, 2010

Chase's science teacher at ABS required her students to enter the Science Fair as a test grade this year. Chase decided he wanted to find out how much salt it takes to make an egg float and he also wanted to find out why the salt made the egg float. After his experiment, he found out that it took 2 tbsp of salt to make an egg float in a glass that was half full of water. He also found out the salt made the water denser than the egg, which pushed the egg upward to make it float.

He earned an Honorable Mention for his Science project today. Great job, Chase!
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Trip to the USS Alabama Battleship - Jan/2010

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The Cubscouts had an opportunity to spend the night on the USS Alabama Battleship in Mobile, AL. Kasey was able to take off work and go with us this year. Dalton, Kasey and Chase spent the night on the ship while Kelly, Hunter, and I stayed at the Best Western across the parking lot from the Battleship.

Kasey had an eventful night. This was Chase's second day wearing his brace and after sitting in a car for a long drive, his back was hurting too badly to go to the devotional. Anyway, while everyone else was away, a lost little boy wandered in their room crying. His parents were not on the trip and he could not find his guardian from his pack. Then he started throwing up all over the place. Of course, there were no towels, brooms, rags or anything in sight. Kasey cleaned him up the best that he could and then let him set up on his bed.

The others returned to the room and began yelling, "Yuck, who threw up?!" By this time, Kasey was so stressed, he yelled, "Everyone get up on your bed! Don't step in it. Does anyone know this little boy? He is lost from his group!" Finally someone from that little boy's pack came in and rescued the poor little fella.

Kasey could not sleep, so he roamed the ship and said he read every piece of information about every exhibit that he could probably pass a test about it. Ha! Ha! He called our room at 5:30am wanting us to come over there and get him and the boys so they could come over to our room and shower. We took the boys to get some breakfast afterwards while Kasey stayed in our room to rest for about an hour in peace.

Did I mention that about 5am we had torrential rainfall and hurricane force winds? The wind died down a little later in the morning, but the rain continued all day. After Kasey felt a little rested, we headed back over to the Battleship Park to tour the battleship, the submarine, and the aircraft museum. Despite being soaking wet all day, we all had a great time. Enjoy the slideshow!

Poor Chase has a new fashion statement!

We recently found out that Chase has multiple stress fractures in his lower spine. We don't know for sure how he injured his back. He has been complaining on and off with back pain ever since the beginning of the school year. At his well-check up a couple of weeks ago, I told his doctor about this occasional pain. That got the ball rolling which led up to him being sent to have an MRI. The MRI detected the fractures. So now he has to wear this:

He will have to wear this brace 23 hours per day. He only gets a one hour break from wearing it per day - long enough to get a shower and get ready for school/church. He will have to wear it until those fractures heal which could be a couple of months or more. Poor Chase!

Chase earns awards at ABS Pack Meeting 1-12-10

Chase earned his 50 miler award and received a 50 miler patch and hiking stick.

He also earned the Boy Scouts 2010 Year of Celebration Patch and ribbons for Character, Achievement, Leadership, Service, and Outdoors.

Chase and Dalton were in the Spelling Bee

Chase and Dalton participated in the ABS Spelling Bee this year. There were fourteen children in the Spelling Bee this year. This was Dalton's third year to participate. He won last year. This year he came in third place. This was Chase's first time. I think he placed sixth. I think he did very well considering this was his first time and it takes a lot of guts to get up there in front of everyone like that. I could not even spell some of the words that were called out!



All participants in the ABS Spelling Bee

Kimberly Earned Lifetime Status at Weight Watchers

On Monday, January 4, 2010, I became a "Lifetime Member" of Weight Watchers. I have maintained my weight loss goals for the past six weeks. Now, as a Lifetime Member, I will not have to pay to attend the meetings as long as a don't gain more than two pounds above my goal weight at weigh-ins. I will weigh in once a month instead of weekly.

My leader, Paula Newquist, presented me with a "lifetime key" for my WW key chain at my meeting this past Monday. For every ten months of healthy weight maintenance, I will earn another "key". I am looking forward to working toward that next "key"!

Paula does such a great job motivating all of us to lead healthier lifestyles. I have learned so much! I will continue attending the meetings, making better food choices, and staying active to keep those pounds from coming back! I have lost 51.2 pounds and gone from a size 14 to a size 4! I cannot ever remember wearing a size 4 - even in high school!

Many thanks go out to all of you who have supported me and encouraged me on my weight loss journey. I realize this journey has not come to an end just because I have reached my weight loss goal in numbers. My journey continues as I learn to MAINTAIN this lifestyle.

Ladies Ornament Swap 2009

The following slideshow contains pictures from our Ladies Ornament Swap. We met at the home of Ronda and Glen Hodges.

Even the downpouring of rain could not keep us from getting together that night. Ronda's brother, Roger Hodges, taxied us from our cars to the front door in his golf cart and he also took us to our cars when it was time to leave. What a kind thing to do!

Ronda's house was decorated beautifully! Every guest brought a finger food and an ornament. We enjoyed each other's company, ate some great food, and had fun playing a fun game with our ornaments. Enjoy the slideshow!
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Hunter's Gingerbread House

Hunter saw this Gingerbread house kit at Wal-mart and begged me to get it for him. Of course, I gave in. We had fun decorating it. He ate most of the decorations so our decor is minimal. Ha! Ha!

Christmas 2010

We hope everyone had a great Christmas! The Harbin Family had a great one! Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning at our house.

Here are a few pictures from Dad and Chris' house:

Shelly, Kelly, Mom, and I also had a little get-together at my house on the Sunday after Christmas. But, I am waiting on photos from Kelly before I post those pictures. Those will be added soon. I hope everyone has a great evening!