We want to welcome you to our family blog. We are posting this as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and we hope that you enjoy reading about the events that happen in our family. Kasey is currently preaching part-time at Holland's Gin Church of Christ ( and works full-time as the store manager for McClary Tire Co. I am a full-time wife and mother. God has blessed us with two beautiful boys: Chase, age 12 and Hunter, age 5.

Come visit our Bible Classes at Holland's Gin Church of Christ!

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Kasey and I are so blessed to be a part of the church family at Holland's Gin Church of Christ. Kasey preaches there part-time with Carl Witty serving as their full-time preacher. We would really love for you to visit us and bring your children to our Bible Classes, too. To find out more about the Church that meets at Holland's Gin and their Bible Classes visit the following website: Come study with us!

Family Portraits 2010

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Journal Entries

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoy catching up with us. Feel free to leave comments on our blog. We would love to hear from you!

Josie's New Hair Cut

Our cat Josie's fur became so matted because she would not let us brush her. So, she had to take a little trip to the vet to be groomed. They gave her a "lion cut". She looks cute. But I will be glad when her fur grows back out and we have our old cat back. She acts like she feels humiliated. But, if she would have let us brush her, maybe she would not have had to get her hair cut!

Here are a couple of "before" photos:

Here are a couple of "after" photos of her "lion cut".

I never could get her to look at me for her "after" photo. I think she is mad at me!

Limestone Bible Camp

Chase spent this past week at Limestone Bible Camp at Camp Neyati in Guntersville. He had a great time. When I arrived, they were gathered at the pavillion for Awards. Hunter and I found Chase and sat down next to him. Then a lady that worked at camp all week tapped my shoulder when she realized I was Chase's mom. She pointed to Chase and said to me, "You didn't have to worry about that one this week because he did great! He was very enthusiastic and had a great time." That made me feel really proud and relieved. Of course, as a mom, I worried all week about whether or not he was having fun, fitting in with the others, behaving himself, etc. Before I left, a couple other people told me how well Chase did that week in the Bible class and at the cabin. Two of the boys from Chase's cabin were baptized this week, too.

In Bible classes, they learned about making choices. They went to chapel in the morning, had a daily song service, two bible classes per day, and enjoyed other fun activities such as arts and crafts, egg toss, volleyball, canoe races, and swimming. They also performed in a skit and had a banquet one night.

I found this picture on the camp website of Chase's Bible class.

This is an award that Chase's cabin received for the last three days of camp for keeping their cabin clean.

In this picture, Chase is all packed up and ready to go. And, Mom is so ready to bring him home!

Luke (one of Chase's roommates) and Chase

Chase's group (called the John Deeres) won first place in the athletics competition during the week. For each activity this group participated in they were given points for how well they performed. At the end of the week, their group had the most points. Also, Chase and his canoeing partner Colby Phillips came in second place in the canoe race that week.

Hunter was so glad to see Chase!

Dalton and Brigett are up in the stands.

Chase, Dalton, and Brigett (All three of these are from Holland's Gin)

Dalton's Volleyball Team were the champs in the Volleyball Tournament

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! We love you! Here are a few pictures from the birthday party!

Chase is gone again...

Kelly and I dropped Chase and Dalton off at Limestone Bible Camp yesterday in Guntersville at Camp Neyati. There are about 100 campers there this week. I think there are about 10 boys in the sixth grade cabin. As opposed to his humble sleeping quarters at Boy Scout Camp a couple of weeks ago, Chase will be a lot more comfortable this week in an air conditioned cabin.

When I left him, he had chosen a top bunk near the front door. He and Dalton cannot stay in the same cabin because they are not in the same grade. Chase was a little disappointed because he did not know anyone in his cabin. But, he was fine when I left. This will be a good experience for him to learn how to meet new people and not rely so much on his older cousin.

Their Bible curriculum for the week is about learning to make the right choices. He will be in two Bible classes per day. They will also have a song service everyday. He will have some free time to go canoeing, swimming or make some kind of art project daily. They will be doing a skit one day this week and have a banquet one night this week, too. This year's theme for the banquet is "country fair".

They have some great views of Lake Guntersville. It looked like they built some new benches set up like an outdoor classroom in several areas overlooking the water. Maybe they will enjoy the scenery as they study from God's word.

To find out more about Limestone Bible Camp visit their website at

Alabama Adventure, July 5, 2010

Kasey took the boys and me to Alabama Adventure in Bessemer, AL on July 5, 2010.

To find out more about this theme park, click on the following link.

The boys were so excited. Hunter was a little unsure about some of the rides, but after getting on, he really enjoyed it. Chase wasn't afraid to ride anything. I was afraid, but rode anyway. Kasey rode on three rides. But after the third ride, he got really sick. We thought we were going to have to leave. But, he held out a little while longer to let the boys have a little more fun. On the way out, he won a giant Pokeman Picachu which Hunter claimed right away. It was almost as big as him. Not long after we left the park, Kasey felt even worse and asked me to pull over to stay the rest of the night at a hotel in Fultondale. He was feeling too sick to ride the rest of the way back to Athens. I hated that Kasey spent most of the day feeling sick. But was very appreciative of him for sticking it out as long as he did for the boys' sake. We don't get to spend much time together as a family, so we made the best of it. Enjoy the slideshow of some of the pictures from our day together.
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