We want to welcome you to our family blog. We are posting this as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and we hope that you enjoy reading about the events that happen in our family. Kasey is currently preaching part-time at Holland's Gin Church of Christ ( and works full-time as the store manager for McClary Tire Co. I am a full-time wife and mother. God has blessed us with two beautiful boys: Chase, age 12 and Hunter, age 5.

Come visit our Bible Classes at Holland's Gin Church of Christ!

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Kasey and I are so blessed to be a part of the church family at Holland's Gin Church of Christ. Kasey preaches there part-time with Carl Witty serving as their full-time preacher. We would really love for you to visit us and bring your children to our Bible Classes, too. To find out more about the Church that meets at Holland's Gin and their Bible Classes visit the following website: Come study with us!

Family Portraits 2010

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Journal Entries

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you enjoy catching up with us. Feel free to leave comments on our blog. We would love to hear from you!

Flowers from Kasey 10-27-09

Nineteen years ago, Kasey and I said "I do!" He sent me these beautiful flowers today for our anniversary. Grandma and Grandpa are going to keep the boys on Friday night so we can hopefully go to dinner and a movie to celebrate.

Weekly Weigh-in Report 10-26-09

I lost 1.8 pounds last week for a new total of 42 pounds lost over the past 21 weeks. I have nine more pounds to lose to meet my goal. I am hoping to be at goal by the end of November. Then I will have to work hard for six weeks at maintaining that goal to earn my Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership. I want to keep busy with the meetings even after my goal is met so I won't slip back into my old ways. Hopefully by the end of January, 2010, I will become a lifetimer!

Chase Shows His School Spirit

Last Thursday, the children were asked to either dress up as a robot or dress in green and gold to show their support for the ABS robotics team (called Trobotics) and the volleyball team. Chase decided he wanted to dress up as a robot and put green and gold letters on his face ("ABS" on one side and "Go Trobotics on the other side). This first picture is the front of his costume. the cat is checking him out and is not too sure what to think.

This picture shows the "ABS" on his face.

He wanted "Go Trobotics" written on the other side.

This is a picture of the front of the costume again. He drew a meter or gauge on a paper plate, then placed that on a round foil pie pan with an arrow. The meter was supposed to measure how much school spirit he had. He set the arrow to point to the danger zone as if he has way too much school spirit. The title on the gauge said "ABS School Spirit". I thought he came up with a pretty good idea.

This is the back of his robot suit. He put bicycle reflectors on the back of a foil muffin tin. We put dryer vent ducts on his arms and legs. I thought he looked pretty good.

Fall Fun at the Buckner's House 10-24-09

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This slideshow contains pictures from the get-together we had at Jim and Kelli Buckner's house on Saturday, October 24, 2009. We had a great time with our Holland's Gin Family! We enjoyed all kinds of activities: hay ride, roasting marshmallows at the bonfire, eating good food and we even had a surprise visit from "Elvis".

Weight Watchers Progress Report (10-19-09)

I lost one pound last week for a new total of 40.2 pounds lost. I earned another 5 pound star for my starcatcher bookmarker. For every five pounds lost, they give us a 5 pounds lost star. I now have 8 of them on my bookmarker. Whoo! Hoo! I know that sounds silly to be excited about a sticker. I just have two more stars to earn to make my goal. That sounds so much better than saying I have 10.8 more pounds to go to meet my goal.

I feel really blessed to meet with the group of ladies at WW each Monday morning. They are so inspirational and keep on encouraging me to work at it. I have slacked off from keeping up the exercise routine and I am going to have to get better at sticking to it if I don't want to watch the weight start creeping back on. Maybe I will find my motivation for that soon!

My Favorite Weight Watchers Recipes

Below you will find a file that contains some of my favorite Weight Watchers Recipes. This recipe file was compiled using recipes from family, friends, Weight Watchers Cookbooks, etool at Weight Watchers Online, and from using the "recipe builder" on Weight Watchers website to figure out how many points a recipe serving is worth. Enjoy!
Kimberly's Favorite Weight Watchers Recipes

Weekly weigh-in Results: 10-12-09

I lost one pound last week. I have lost 39.2 pounds over the past 19 weeks. I have 11.8 more pounds to go to reach my goal weight!

Weight Watchers Lose for Good Campaign

Our Weight Watchers Leader told us about the Weight Watchers Lose for Good Campaign in which we were asked to donate an amount of food that equals the amount of pounds we have lost to the needy. We are to bring this food to our next Weight Watchers Meeting and they will take that food to needy families. As of my last Weight Watchers meeting on 10-5-09, I have lost 38.2 pounds. So the picture above shows that amount of food I plan to donate for this cause. It is eye-opening to see that much food on the table equals all of the extra weight that used to be on my body. I sure don't want to put that back on!

Hunter's Field Trip to Tate Farm - 9/28/09

Click on the slideshow below to see pictures from Hunter's field trip to Tate Farm. We went with his class from Little Tots Preschool. We had a great time!
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